Yew 3ree – M​.​O​.​T​.​H​.​E​.​R​.​S​.​H​.​I​.​P.


The debut album from Yew 3ree. Step aboard the ‘M.O.T.H.E.R.S.H.I.P.’

Electronica-Folk-Hop at it’s best from the originators of the genre. Ten tracks of finely crafted music, full of the wonder and riches of nature. The beautiful voice of Kathy Porter will reach into your heart, the ill poetic rhymes of The Remarkable 1 will stimulate your mind, and the hip hop/electronic beats of The Jezter will resonate your soul.

Music Of The Heart Empowers Real Spirituality Holding Internal Peace.

Track Listing

  1. Harpist’s Melody | 4:28
  2. The Fox Run | 3:15
  3. The Essence | 4:10
  4. Feels So Good | 2:02
  5. Green Man Jam | 2:22
  6. All We Have | 4:00
  7. Outside In | 5:06
  8. The Ancient Watchers feat. One Native Son | 3:48
  9. Bhavacakra | 2:51
  10. Land Of The Cherry Tree | 4:04


All tracks written and performed by The Remarkable 1 (M. McLennan) and Kathy Porter (K. Porter) for KPbara Music.
All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by The Jezter (J. Harding) for kill666hills.
Didgeridoo on ‘Feels So Good’ performed by Kathy Porter.
Guitar on ‘Green Man Jam’ performed by Leon Segal.
Flute on ‘Green Man Jam’ written and performed by Kathy Porter (K. Porter) for KPbara Music.
Guitar on ‘All We Have’ written and performed by Tom.C. (T. Cowin).
Additional vocals on ‘The Ancient Watchers’ written and performed by One Native Son (D. Baptiste).
Piano on ‘Land Of The Cherry Tree’ written and performed by Kathy Porter (K. Porter) for KPbara Music.
Scratches on ‘The Fox Run’ and ‘Land Of The Cherry Tree’ performed by The Remarkable 1.
Recorded at House Of Zen and Seaview Studios, Brighton, UK.
Artwork and design by Disastronaut.

Released 19 August 2013

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