Various Artists – Thug Activity 7″


Digital re-release of the 1987 EP from I Penal Colony, Summ Cuique, and Matter.

Post-Punk Industrial music from Worthing, UK. Scratch the surface of what appears to be an average seaside town and many wonders will be uncovered, this is one of them.
Originally pressed on 7″ vinyl and limited to 500 copies, it’s ahead of it’s time, political, vibrant, and raw.

Track Listing

  1. I Penal Colony – Thug Activity | 3:03
  2. Summ Cuique – Smog | 1:34
  3. Matter – Merchant | 4:54


‘Thug Activity’ written by Kevin Hough (K. Hough), Adam Bowley (A. Bowley), and Rob Skinner (R. Skinner) for Train Of Thought.
Vocals, Ensoniq Mirage, and violin performed by Kevin Hough (K. Hough).
Drums performed by Adam Bowley (A. Bowley).
Bass performed by Rob Skinner (R. Skinner).
‘Smog’ written and performed by Peter Anderson (P. Anderson).
‘Merchant’ written and performed by Julius Renn-Jennings (J. Renn-Jennings), and Sonia Renn-Jennings (S. Renn-Jennings) for The Matter Company.
Recorded in Littlehampton, UK.
Photography by Nicola Tempest.

Released 23 March 2015

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